Marjoca de Greef is curator and artistic director of Suns and Stars. She has developed several projects and investigative exhibitions at places of cultural and historical value, including Huishoudschool (2017) with artist Emmeline de Mooij, a series of restorative workshops and performances about repair and maintenance techniques; and Arrows Shot from the Bow (2016) at the Rietveld Cordemeyer Huis, with Rūta Butkutė, Remy Jungerman, Babette Kleijn, and Sachi Miyachi, in which she, together with the artists, explored and reflected on the fundamental principles upon which the house was built. Marjoca de Greef graduated from AKI Academy of Art & Design and the Rijksakademie Amsterdam, and she recently obtained a master’s degree in Cultural Studies and Rituals (cum laude). She is interested in the ritual dimensions of art and material culture, and how relational qualities of objects affect situations and events.