In the pause of a gesture there might be an echo #3 created space for art practices that develop through open-ended research in a context of collaboration, rather than in an independent and autonomous space. The long-term project was developed from the practices of Sarah van Lamsweerde, Aram Lee, Richtje Reinsma, Anastasija Pandilovska and Marjoca de Greef. The group show In the pause of a gesture there might be an echo #3 was presented by Suns and Stars at Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, in June 2022.

All the works presented were resonating into the space, inviting to touch, sending sounds and scents, and moving images, reaching out to all the senses, causing reciprocal contamination. These works interacted with everything and everyone, creating a corporal composition, behaving like a party in full swing. We all know that the moment a new visitor enters the room, it can be unsettling. Often, an overarching theme is used, providing the visitor an easy way in, to help engage with the works on display; a frame to guide perception. By removing this frame, we gave space to the artists to develop their practice freely, according to their expertise and insights, but we also lost a means to increase the receptivity of the viewer. That is why we have expanded our curatorial practice into a physical presentation to shed light on the complexity of collaborative art practices and the working methods of the artists. In the curatorial/reception room, 'a collection of art collectives' was shown as well as a written curatorial conversation concerning the similar structure of collaboration and 'the act of translation,' in which the artists and their collaborative works are explored. During the opening hours of the exhibition, we were present to greet arriving guests and make them feel welcome.

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