Janneke Raaphorst is an artist and designer from the Netherlands. As a textile wizard, she works with sourcing material and its stories, embodiment through craft, and infusing experience with meaning. She celebrates the glory of decay, exploring the patina of the world. Her videos result from personal rituals and the healing power of storytelling, such as De Aanraakbaren, together with Sarah van Lamsweerde she made the video installation, telling a tale of ritualised encounters between people with different visual capacities, using a textile-touch-language.

As a writer and performer Janneke invites the audience into embodiment through guided journeys. She guided Reparation Meditations for the online sewing circle hosted by the Feministische Handwerkpartij and Atria. Collaborating with choreographers, performance and visual artists, she facilitates the spirit of the work to take shape. She has been involved in a number of Sarah van Lamsweerde's projects as a costume designer, such as Cast Witnesses, Sightless Seeing #4: Acquisitions, and Sightless Seeing #5: Remember by Heart. For Richtje Reinsmas' performance Vragen? #1, she folded a paper suit.