While working with the concept of music, Lam Lai is exploring environments where different concepts of listening can coexist and evolve towards a balance with other art forms. Her activities as a composer are not limited to (instrumental) music but encompass multidisciplinary works as well. Combining electronic soundtracks with various elements of theatre, she has been expanding the meaning and properties of performance art.

Lam Lai collaborates with choreographers, actors, theatre directors, and visual artists, exploring indoor, outdoor, and virtual performance spaces. Besides her collaborative ventures, she works as an independent producer and curator, with recent productions including the global art streaming event 02022020.space celebrating the palindrome date, and a sound-based platform Sonic Ecology Digital Conference promoting environmental awareness and engagement in Hong Kong. She has worked with de Veenfabriek (Leiden), SWR Experimentalstudio (Freiburg), New European Ensemble (The Hague), Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, and others. She has participated in art festivals such as the Munich Biennale, Stuttgart DIE IRRITIERTE STADT, Musica nova Helsinki, Iceland CYCLE Music and Art Festival, Hong Kong New Vision Arts Festival and Sonic Anchor.